Project Description

Gemma G from Sydney Vet Specialists Nursing team wearing blue nurse suit

Gemma G

Veterinary Nurse

Gemma is studying Veterinary Medicine at the university of Sydney and is set to graduate at the end of 2021. She has a degree in Animal and Veterinary Bioscience where she completed her honours research project on cattle nutrition whilst living in Canada.

Growing up, Gemma’s mum was also a veterinary nurse so she has been in veterinary hospitals since before she could walk. Animals have always been a huge part of her life and becoming a veterinarian has been her dream since she was a young child. Gemma is very excited to have nearly achieved this life ambition after 10 years of studying. She has a strong interest in small animal surgery and aims to become a great surgeon in the future..

During her spare time, she likes to bake sweet treats for her housemates, tend to her ridiculous collection of house plants, attempt to knit various things, coastal walks with friends, play soccer and hang out with her 3 dogs, Charlie the Cavalier, Poppy the Whippet and Jinx the Labradoodle.