Rhiannon Hicks

Nursing Manager

(Cert IV, Diploma Emergency and Critical Care)

Rhiannon started her career when she first did Work Experience in a Small Eastern Suburbs Vet Clinic in 1998. She was offered a part time job whilst in High School and worked all weekends! Rhiannon began to work there full time after finishing her HSC and stayed there for 13 years as a veterinary nurse. Rhiannon also worked for a short time at our Local Pound, Sydney Dog and Cats Home in Carlton.

In her 17 years of working as a Veterinary Nurse her true passion of animal welfare and care took control. Over the years she has raised thousands of kittens from birth to just learning to eat. She also volunteered as a carer in the Eastern Suburbs Animal Welfare League and quickly was given the label of crazy cat lady with her friends, and couldn’t be more proud of it. She has raised many animals from birth, including puppies, lambs, calves and even the odd turtle!

Rhiannon joined us at EVES after wanting a new challenge in her vet nursing career. She received her Diploma in Emergency and Critical Care whilst working part time at EVES and working at her other vet clinic. Rhiannon is one of the longest serving employees here and has taken on a leadership role within the clinic. She also prides herself on customer service and client relations, considers herself a Laboratory Guru and loves being a part of this amazing team at EVES.

Rhiannon owns 9 cats, of which there are too many to name! She also has two dogs- Molly the 17 yr old Kelpie can often be seen on Rose Bay Beach chasing someone else’s ball and Bronx the 5 yr old American Staffy who is often seen sitting at the front desk. You can’t get by in a day without cuddles and kisses from Bronx! Bronx is also one of our blood donors here at EVES – a brave boy AND a hero!

Rhiannon is recently back from maternity leave with her first child, something which has been a long time coming here, but credits coming to a clinic like EVES with helping her with this exciting time. She is happy to be back working with all her patients.