Lisa Delahunty

Veterinary Nurse

Lisa is originally from County Wexford in the South East Region of Ireland. Known as the “Sunny South East”, Wexford is a coastal area steeped in the history of Ireland with its main Industries being farming, fishing and tourism. Having spent her childhood surrounded by farms, fields and more importantly animals, Lisa understood from an early age by the importance of wildlife, livestock, working animals and family pets and their place alongside us in the world.

Lisa’s family always had animals present in and around the home and from an early age it was clear that Lisa’s bond with animals would eventually turn to a career in working with animals. Lisa spent summers working in the local animal zoo and soon got to know and understand the diversity and wonders of the animal kingdom. As such a career in veterinary nursing was exactly the right fit. Having graduated from college with honours, Lisa worked in the local animal healthcare sector until the time for a new challenge came along! Working in Australia gave Lisa the opportunity to expand her knowledge and experience new and wonderful ways to help our animal friends. Lisa is looking forward to the years ahead and her new life in the land of Oz!