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Pet Shopping on Classified Ads Websites

Buying a pet is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. A lot of thought needs to go into choosing the right pet for your lifestyle, as well as where you’ll [...]

Dog Fighting in Australia is A Real Threat

You may have heard of illegal dog fighting rings but thought it mostly happened in other countries, not here in Australia.  While dog fighting is illegal in most countries, enforcement [...]

New Studies Show that Early Desexing is Safe

It used to be standard practice to neuter or spay dogs and cats when they were around six months old.  The thinking was that pets weren’t sexually mature until around six months [...]

How Does Microchipping Work?

If your dog or cat is accidentally lost, gets scared and runs off in a panic, or even tries to return to your old home after you’ve moved house, there’s [...]

Our Guide to Trimming Your Dog’s Nails

Depending on your dog’s activity levels and environment, he may need to have his nails clipped as often as every week, but many people are reluctant or nervous about doing [...]

Can You Train Cats Not to be Aggressive?

Cats are natural predators, they’re designed to hunt and kill, and they’re extremely efficient and resourceful, but they’re innate behaviour can also make them more aggressive than our canine companions, [...]

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