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Signs of Heat Stroke in Dogs

Heat stroke is one of the most common reasons why dogs are brought to veterinary hospital during the warmer parts of the year. While heat related illnesses are more common [...]

What Does a Pet Dermatologist Treat?

A pet dermatologist provides specialist veterinarian services that focus on diagnosing and treating a wide range of ailments affecting the skin, coat, hair and nails of pets. Dogs and cats [...]

How to Perform a Tick Search

If you live on the east coast of Australia, it’s essential to regularly perform tick searches on your dog or cat. Paralysis ticks are one of the most common causes [...]

5 Most Common Skin Conditions in Pets

Skin conditions are one of the most common reasons cat and dog owners seek veterinarian services. Skin conditions affecting pets can be caused by a variety of factors from allergies [...]

Transporting Your Pet in an Emergency

It’s difficult to ever be truly prepared when your beloved pet is seriously injured or ill and needs to visit an emergency vet clinic. Whether they have eaten something potentially [...]