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Veterinary Nurse Athena M

Athena M

Veterinary Nurse

Athena has joined us from Brazil, where she graduated as a Veterinarian in 2014. She is also a qualified Certificate IV Veterinary Nurse that take pleasure in working at Sydney Veterinary Emergency and Specialists while studying for her national exam so she can begin practicing in Australia.

Athena is a quick paced and proactive team member who picks up things quickly. Her special interest is in emergency and critical care and is often found running the treatment room floor with lighting precision.

If you see her around the hospital you may hear her practicing her Aussie accent and telling some bad jokes (that we love). During her spare time Athena works as a volunteer veterinary nurse for the charity organisation ‘Pets in the Park’ which focuses on looking after homeless peoples’ animals. She also enjoys trying new restaurants, sailing and fine dining.

Athena recently added a new addition to her family, a cute Golden Retriever named Baby Bella.