It’s difficult to ever be truly prepared when your beloved pet is seriously injured or ill and needs to visit an emergency vet clinic. Whether they have eaten something potentially toxic, are suffering from tick paralysis or have a blunt force trauma injury, a pet emergency can be incredibly stressful for all involved.

Knowing what to do ahead of time is an important part of being a responsible pet owner and ensuring your pet gets the help it needs as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Remember that pets, especially dogs, can often sense your emotions, so remaining calm and positive will help them feel reassured.

Know Where to Go and Call Ahead

You should always have the phone number and address for your local veterinary hospital and emergency vet hospital handy for these situations. Call the vet with details of your emergency and your expected time of arrival which gives them a chance to prepare for the particular situation.

They may also tell you exactly what you should do in terms of making your pet comfortable and any first aid you may need to do. Familiarise yourself with the quickest route to your veterinary hospital. Bring any medication your pet is taking and any information about any medical conditions they may have.

First Aid and Keeping Your Pet Comfortable

In some pet emergencies, starting first aid before transporting your pet could help save your pet’s life. For example, cooling your pet with water and fans if they’re suffering from heat stroke or rinsing their mouth if they have eaten something poisonous. Wrap your pet in a towel or blanket to provide protection and comfort them. These can also be used as a stretcher for larger animals.

Even though you want to do everything you can to make your pet comfortable, try not to handle your pet unnecessarily. Injured and stressed animals can lash out, biting and scratching their owners and show other aggressive behaviours that is uncharacteristic for them.

Get Someone to Help

Dealing with a pet emergency is highly stressful when dealing with it by yourself. Whenever possible, get a second person to assist you. This may be essential for lifting your pet into the car or driving while you hold or attend to the pet during the journey to the emergency vet hospital. If you are home alone, call a friend or knock on a neighbour’s door. Most people are happy to help out.

Specialist Vet Services in Sydney

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