About this collection notice:  This collection notice is part of our effort to create an awareness of some matters about the personal information we generally collect about individuals.  For more details about the kinds of personal information we generally collect and hold, how we do so and the purposes for which we generally collect, hold, use and disclose individuals’ personal information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Who are we and our contact details?  “We”, “our” and “us” is a reference to one or more related bodies corporate of NVA Australia Parent Pty Ltd ABN 21 609 622 640 and its subsidiaries.    Our businesses are veterinary clinics and specialty and emergency hospitals, United Veterinary Group, Veterinary Training Centre, Bamganie Pets Cremation Service and the Best for Pet Wellness Plan.  Our contact details regarding individuals’ personal information are:

Privacy Officer, VetPartners
Level 2, Building A, The Park Estate, 5 Talavera Road, Macquarie Park, NSW 2113, Australia
Telephone:  (calling from Australia) 1800 881 864 or (calling outside Australia) +61 1800 881 864
email: privacy@vetpartners.com.au

Personal information collected from third parties or where there may be limited awareness of collection:  We sometimes collect personal information about individuals from someone else or in circumstances of which the individuals may not be aware.  This generally occurs where we access personal information from:

  • cookies set on individuals’ web browsers by others;
  • service providers, referees and government and migration agencies in the recruitment context;
  • those who give us individuals’ contact details for emergency contact purposes;
  • due diligence searches in the context of transfers of assets or company ownership.

Collection authorised or required by law: Where we are required to collect individuals’ personal information because of a court/tribunal order, we will give the individuals such notice of that, at the time, as is reasonable in the circumstances.  Sometimes we collect personal information because of a legal requirement or authorisation.  The circumstances for this are generally compliance with professional standards; laws governing the conduct of veterinary practices and the requirements of government agencies in the recruitment context.

Purposes of collection and consequences of non-collection:  If we are unable to collect personal information from individuals, then we may not be able to implement the relevant purpose of collection, the main ones being the following:

  • for transactions requested or agreed by the individuals;
  • for market research;
  • to inform individuals about our services and goods;
  • for quality review;
  • to administer our Best for Pet Wellness Plan membership accounts and to develop and inform members about events, offers and promotions and our products and services;
  • to conduct competitions and to send competition entrants details about our products and services;
  • to evaluate online site performance, analyse individuals’ activities when they visit our online sites and target online advertising to them;
  • as to CCTV footage, for safety and security;
  • for complaint handling purposes;
  • as part of employment recruitment processes;
  • for purposes primarily related to our carrying on of business, namely governance, management, audits, risk management, compliance, staff training, product development and incident responses.

Disclosure of personal information to others:  Our usual disclosures of personal information are to the following

  • our service providers for their service provision to us;
  • our related bodies corporate;
  • authorised persons who may have been named when individuals are transacting with us;
  • to third parties within individuals’ reasonable expectations or where expressly permitted under applicable privacy law;
  • as appropriate in connection with the conduct of veterinary services, for example to pet insurers and under professional standards and laws governing the conduct of veterinary practices.

 Access, correction and complaints about personal information: Please refer to our Privacy Policy which contains information about how individuals may access their personal information held by us and seek correction of it and how they may complain about any breach of the Australian Privacy Principles that bind us.  On receipt of any communications on these matters, our Privacy Officer will investigate the circumstances and endeavour to respond to the individual within the following 14 days.

Overseas transfers: We are likely to disclose personal information outside Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.  Our reasons are generally in connection with services from a provider who is located, or uses locations outside one of those places, such as the Philippines; for disclosures between ourselves and our other related bodies corporate; when our business which collected individuals’ personal information is in a different country to their location; and in connection with insurance arrangements, for example public liability issues involving an overseas insurer.