If your dog or cat is accidentally lost, gets scared and runs off in a panic, or even tries to return to your old home after you’ve moved house, there’s no way for anyone to identify them and return them safely home to you, except if they’re wearing a collar. 

Collars can be removed or lost, and then your pet may never be returned to you simply because they can’t talk and there’s identification on them. 

That’s what used to happen before microchipping became compulsory for dogs and cats in Australia. 

Microchip Technology 

The size of a grain of rice, the permanent microchip is inserted under the skin on the back of the pet’s neck, where the scruff is, and contains all the information someone needs to deliver your beloved pet home safely. 

The chip itself only has a unique number, but when the chip is scanned it brings up the entry in a database that contains your name, address and phone number, as well as information about your pet and his name. 

The information is added to the database when you pet is microchipped so you can’t go home and forget to do it. 

In NSW, the current legislation states that all dogs and cats must be microchipped before 12 weeks old and older animals before they’re sold or change owners.  

Helping Animal Shelters 

Microchipping helps lessen the burden on animal shelters by identifying lost pets and reuniting them with their owners. 

This means if you lose your furry friend, he won’t be sitting in a shelter while someone tries to find his owner or a new family for him, or worse, euthanised because he ran out of time and the shelter is too crowded. 

It also gives you peace of mind knowing that there’s a good chance your pet will come back to you, and if someone else finds and adopts him and takes him to the vet, he’ll be scanned and returned to you. 

Keeping Them Safe 

Having your pet microchipped is compulsory so that every pet has a chance of being returned to their owner. There can be no excuses such as lack of time or forgetting to get it done, it’s the law. 

It keeps your pet safe and offers the best possibility that he won’t be mistaken for a stray and sent to a shelter. 

Reuniting Long Lost Pets with Owners 

Since microchipping was first introduced, there have been thousands of lost and missing pet stories that have had happy endings. 

Some pets have been returned to their owners after being missing for years, so it’s important to keep your information updated when you change your address or phone number. 

You can now easily keep your details up to date online with the NSW Petregistry. 


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