Regular visits to your vet are the best way to ensure your pet stays happy and healthy, and to catch any health issues before they become too serious, but how often should you take your pet to the vet? 

The answer depends, of course, on whether your pets needs a routine check-up and vaccinations, or whether there are existing health concerns, or you’ve noticed something out of the ordinary and want it looked at. The other factor is the type of pet you have, some require more intensive care than others. 

Routine Check-Ups 

Whatever type of pet you have, a routine annual visit should be part of their regular care. 

Vaccinations, dental checks, physical check-ups, grooming appointmentsdesexing, and professional advice on any concerns you have all combine to ensure your pet stays healthy and lives a long and happy life. 

The Age and Type of Pet 

Most people have dogs and/or cats, but your vet is qualified to examine other pets too such as rabbits, poultry and even reptiles. 

The age of your pet will be an important factor in how often you visit the vet with very young animals requiring vaccinations and health checks more often until they’re older, and senior pets requiring more attention for age-related issues. 


Cats are much less inclined to want to get in the car and go for a drive to the vet clinic, which makes it more likely you’ll only take them when it’s absolutely necessary. 

Don’t let your cat’s attitude stop you from taking them for regular check-ups. Kittens will need monthly visits for the first four months to ensure they’re growing properly, and you’ll need to have them spayed or neutered sometime around four months old. 

Once your cat is an adult, annual check-ups will ensure he stays healthy, but after age 7 he might need to visit more often, especially once he’s well into the senior years. 

Keep in mind that cats are very adept at hiding their pain and discomfort so visit your vet if you see unusual behaviour or anything out of the ordinary. 


Young puppies will need monthly visits for vaccinations and wellness checks, as well as a visit for spaying or neutering around four months old. 

Older dogs should have annual visits to maintain their health until they’re around 10 years old, then they might need to visit two or three times a year as they age, depending on their health. 

Any other health problems or concerns warrant a vet visit to diagnose and treat the condition early. 

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