Buying a pet is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. A lot of thought needs to go into choosing the right pet for your lifestyle, as well as where you’ll buy your new furry friend. 

The Internet has made shopping for almost everything so much easier now. 

You can buy everything you need with the click of a button and have it quickly delivered to your door without even stepping outside your home, but is it really a good way to buy a pet? 

Pet Scams 

Online classifieds are the perfect place to run a scam because everything is so impersonal. 

You never see who has placed the ad, you’ll never meet them, and you know nothing about them. 

Pets are advertised as happy and healthy, and coming from loving homes, but the reality is that many of these animals have been raised in appalling conditions and treated very badly. 

Online classified sites encourage fraud and deception and you never know where your new pet has come from or what suffering or cruelty you could be inadvertently supporting.  

Meet the Breeder 

The ideal place to buy a pet, especially a purebred, is to visit the breeder, have a look around, meet the parents of the animal and reassure yourself about your new pet’s origins. 

Any reputable breeder will welcome visits and encourage you to ask questions and look around so that you can see your new pet has been raised with love and care. 

An animal that’s been properly bred and raised is less likely to have behavioural problems, and many breeders like to stay in touch to see how your pet is doing in his new home. 

Conversely, breeders who advertise on classified ad websites often have to lower the price of their animals in order to make a profit, which means they’re probably spending much less on the care and feeding of their animals than they should be. 


There are some exceptions to buying pets from classified ads, but you must do your due diligence and it’s always a case of buyer beware. 

New breeders that are just getting established, breeders in remote or rural areas, rare designer dog breeders, and occasional dog breeders might benefit from placing ads for their pets, but a better website will attract a better class of buyer.  

A Better Way 

There are plenty of reputable websites where breeders can advertise their pets for sale, and you know you’re not being scammed because there are strict rules and conditions in place. 

Consider adopting a pet from your local animal shelter. All shelter animals have had health and behaviour checks, and you’ll be giving your new pet a loving home and a second chance at life. 

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