When deciding to bring home a pet, the choice should be based on how much free time you have, the effort you’re willing to put in, and your general personality traits. You may have always wanted a puppy, but that doesn’t mean you have the resources to look after one! In this article, we’re figuring out which pets are perfect for certain people.

Are You a Dog Person?

Dogs are the ultimate companion, there’s no denying it. However, when you are buying a dog, you need to be aware of exactly how much work will be going into it. Regardless of their size, all dogs require exercise and it’s no small cost to feed them and maintain their vet bills. If you’re an active person with a steady income and a stable living situation, a puppy might be just what you’re looking for. Which breed you opt for depends entirely on your preferences, budget and lifestyle.

Or, Are You More of a Cat Person?

Cats bring with them all of the cuteness with a lot less of the responsibility. A cat is perfectly happy to spend most of the day alone, permitted someone is feeding them twice a day. Cats have varying personalities, so you may end up with the perfect cuddle buddy or simply a respectful housemate that keeps their distance. If you’re independent, responsible and caring, a cat could be the right addition to your home.

The Right Home for a Rabbit

Rabbits are fantastic pets for the calm and busy inner-city dwellers. Bunnies are naturally skittish and respond to alpha leadership, meaning you will need to calm their nerves and provide a safe living space for them. Unfortunately, rabbits are prone to chewing so you’ll need to keep a tidy house to avoid frustration and keep your little friend out of harm’s way. That being said, rabbits make excellent indoor pets for families.

Have You Ever Considered a Snake?

The vast majority of people gulp at the thought of bringing home a slithering reptile. However, snakes are excellent pets for curious, independent and observant people because they rarely require feeding and come in a range of stunning patterns. Snakes can be interactive and cuddly pets but they do need their alone time. If you’re thinking about buying a snake, you’ll need a permit, a fully equipped enclosure and approximately 30 years up your sleeve – that’s how long they can live in captivity!

Taking Home a Bird

Birds are a lot easier to care for than other pets, and they can be put back in their cage while you’re out of the house instead of roaming freely. Birds are easy to train and incredibly intelligent; however, without appropriate stimulation, they can become distraught and self-destructive. Birds can also be quite vocal, so living in a tiny apartment with a bird can become a nightmare for yourself and your neighbours. Despite this, birds are social and loving creatures that can be perfect for the busy pet owner.

All Pets Need a Reliable Veterinary Hospital

Regardless of which animal you choose, there is a high chance they will need emergency veterinary specialists at some point. Make sure you have your local pet hospital or 24-hour vet on hand when something goes wrong. The team at Sydney Veterinary Emergency & Specialists know the ins and outs of caring for every kind of animal. Contact us online or call (02) 91997 5800 to make an appointment.