Project Description

Robyn K

Veterinary Nurse

Robyn is a registered veterinary nurse from the small town of malvern in the United Kingdom.

She has a degree in veterinary nursing science and has also completed her schedule 3 surgical nursing course and an oral care dental course.

Robyn has worked within the veterinary field for over 12 years, starting from school doing her work experience. She has a wide range of knowledge and has always dreamt of taking her skills to Australia and joining a specialist hospital, where she is hoping to continue learning and developing her skill set.

So, this year her and her partner jack finally made the move down under.

Sadly, she left behind her beloved family dog “pig” a beautiful rescue Staffy, but she hopes to rescue more dogs here in Australia once she has settled in.

In her spare time Robyn enjoys hiking, swimming and playing disc golf with her partner. She would also like to join a sports team here as she likes to keep active. Back in the UK she was captain of a Rounders team and played rugby as-well.

She loves travelling so plans to travel and see as much of Australia as possible.