Project Description

Ornella J - Veterinary Nurse at Sydney Veterinary Emergency and Specialists

Ornella J

Veterinary Nurse

Ornella is a very well-informed nurse who is passionate about providing critical care to a diverse array of patients, ranging from household cats to koalas! Ensuring that each and every animal is treated with minimal stress through their care is incredibly important to her.

Having registered as a Veterinary Technician with the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians in Canada, she is backed by two diplomas in clinical sciences as well as two years practising in Toronto’s leading emergency hospital. Prior to emergency, she worked with in wildlife rehabilitation where her affinity for working with a range of wild animals began and ultimately flourished. Her breadth of experience is also rounded out with laboratory know-how; honed through undertaking a research position with SickKids (a major paediatric teaching hospital) analysing scoliosis in zebra fish.

She has since joined us here in Australia to gain varied international experience with our diverse range of wildlife, while playing to her strengths in emergency nursing.

While she treats all animals with the utmost care, she keeps a particular flat-faced cat very close to her heart. Needless to say, if yours happens to be coming through the clinic, you can be sure they will get that little extra love and attention.