Project Description

Laura K

Nursing Team

Laura from a young age has always known she was made for the veterinary world.  From the age of 7 she practiced listening to her dog’s heart with a plastic stethoscope from her toy medical box. She completed her certificate IV straight after high school with ease.

Prior to joining SVES she worked in another specialist hospital for over four years, two which were spent in the oncology department. She has a love for oncology and is dedicated to teaching safe chemotherapy handling methods.

In early 2020 she decided it was time to expand her knowledge and skills and dove into internal medicine at SVES. On a daily basis she takes on challenging cases and assists in many procedures alongside the vets.

She has found medicine to be a very rewarding department and is enjoying every minute.

Laura loves all animals big and small but has a soft spot in her heart for all Australian working dog breeds and will often stop on the way past to show them some love.

In her spare time, she likes to try to keep active by going to dance class or attending the gym.