Project Description

Jessica Crick


Jess began her working life as a web developer and animator, but quickly grew tired of the industry. While she still enjoys living the nerd life in her own time, she prefers work that forces her to temporarily abandon her hermit lifestyle and interact with the world. Her love of helping people and snuggling cute critters has led her to Sydney Veterinary Emergency and Specialists, where the people are interesting, the animals are amazing, and there’s always something new to learn.

Jess is no stranger to customer service, having previously spent several years working in a comic book store peddling paper to the masses. Things get a little crazier when you add animals to the mix, but Jess has never met a problem she didn’t want to solve.

In her free time she enjoys playing video games, traveling, reading, drawing, dreaming up overly ambitious projects she’ll never finish, and drinking tea. It’s a hobby if you drink enough of it.

She has two beautiful cats – Tiny and Mochi. They enjoy walking all over her and her partner in the middle of the night, cuddling each other (followed by attacking each other), and singing the siren song of their people.