Project Description

Bruna Ramos

Veterinary Nurse

Bruna originates from Brazil – Espirito Santo and even though Bruna has lived in Brazil her whole life she always felt like she could do and be more, so when Bruna was 15 years old she went on a foreign exchange program to the USA – Utah for her high school year and since then she realised she wanted to travel the world and speak fluent English. Bruna has a Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Medicine (Veterinary Science) and has have worked as an emergency veterinarian in a 24 hours hospital in Brazil.

Bruna believes to be a good veterinarian you need to improve not only your skills but also have more professional experiences, so Bruna went back to Utah to do an internship for 3 months which made her realise she wanted to practice and learn more outside of Brazil. Bruna decided to come to Australia, since she had never been here before, not only to improve her English (now with a British kind of challenge) but also to sit the exams and get her veterinarian license so she can work as vet here.

Back home Bruna has two little dogs Bella, a 7 year old Chihuahua X which is a mix of cuteness and crazy. Bruna found Bella on the streets when she was a puppy and has had her heart ever since. Roxy is her little Yorkshire Terrier who at 10 years old is the cutest dog she has ever met. Bruna misses her dogs so much as she is not able to bring them to Australia but has recently adopted two beautiful kittens Jasmine and TJ who keep her on her toes.