We are proud to have a specialist veterinary dermatologist as part of our team at Sydney Vets Specialists; Dr Danielle Hoolahan is an expert in diagnosing and treating animal skin conditions. Speak to our professionals to ensure the comfort and happiness of your beloved pet.

Animal Allergies

Atopic dermatitis, or atopy, is a common skin disease found in animals and can be compared to eczema in humans. Your pet could suffer from hay fever, food allergies or insect allergies which trigger atopy and cause itching, redness or raised bumps on the skin.

You will notice the signs of this when your pet starts to scratch, bite or lick themselves more than usual in a particular area. For some allergens, a vaccine can be given and occasionally, medication will be prescribed to alleviate the symptoms.

Ear Infections

Ear infections are surprisingly common in pets and the good news is that most can be easily treated. Conditions such as these can be extremely uncomfortable for the animal and, if left untreated, a simple ear infection can develop into something more serious.

Nail Issues

If you notice that your pet has brittle, deformed, or painful nails or claws, then these signs should not be ignored. Most nail or nail bed issues are easily resolved once a correct diagnosis has been made.


Skin infections typically arise as secondary issues from a related disease, often bacterial or fungal in origin. Our dermatology team will carry out a range of diagnostic tests on your pet’s infected area in order to establish the cause and determine the appropriate course of treatment.

Bee and Wasp Stings

If your pet is allergic to bees or wasps, the result of a sting can be life-threatening and you’re unlikely to be aware of the allergy until after the incident. As a part of our emergency provision at Sydney Vets Specialists, we quickly diagnose sting allergies and treat the reaction with a series of injections.

For a general dermatological appointment for your pet or for emergency assistance, call Sydney Vets Specialists now on 02 9197 5800.