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Why Do Dogs Lick Their Toes Excessively?

It’s normal for dogs to spend time grooming and licking themselves, but what isn’t normal is your dog obsessively licking their feet and toes until you want to scream.  Some [...]

Why Does My Dog Drag Its Bottom?

You may not be familiar with the term ‘dog scooting’ but there’s a good chance you’ve seen your own, or someone else’s, dog dragging their bottom across the carpet or [...]

What Makes a Dog Limp?

If your otherwise healthy, active dog suddenly develops a limp it could be from a variety of causes, from the obvious prickle in the foot, to something much more serious [...]

How Often Should My Pet Visit the Vet?

Regular visits to your vet are the best way to ensure your pet stays happy and healthy, and to catch any health issues before they become too serious, but how often should [...]

Is a Vegetarian Diet Safe for Pets?

While humans are omnivores and benefit from a wide range of foods, we can also tolerate more types of food which means it’s easier for us to find a substitute [...]

Changing Your Dog’s Diet the Right Way

There are many reasons why you might need to change your dog’s diet such as sudden allergy or sensitivity to an ingredient in their regular food, a health issue that requires a [...]

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