COVID-19 and Veterinary Consultations

We are committed to providing emergency and specialist services to your pets throughout the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). In order to keep our staff fit to attend work and help reduce the spread of the virus we have had to make several changes to how we operate and when non-staff personnel may enter our hospital building and interact directly with our staff. We kindly ask that you are understanding of these special requirements as we need healthy staff to keep our hospital open and to continue providing care to your pets.

Guide to Visiting Our Hospital


  • When you arrive, please park in the carpark (the boom gate will open automatically).
  • To comply with social distancing regulations and minimise the risk of coronavirus transmission, access to our hospital waiting room has restricted.
  • When you are in the car park please ring the buzzer and a staff member will let you inside.
  • Please note we are only allowing one person per pet into the hospital for consultations.

 A team member will come to collect your pet

  • Your pet will be taken into the hospital for assessment. Initially a triage nurse will assess them to determine how urgently they require treatment and if they need immediate intervention. Then a veterinarian will assess them in order of urgency.
  • The Receptionist will provide you information on how to complete our sign-up procedures and also with more information on the non-contact consultation process.

The Consultation

  • The veterinarian will consult with you in a consultation room. Due to space restrictions we can only have 1 person in each consultation.
  • You may be asked to wait in a consultation room or your car. If you are asked to wait in your car, please be sure to remain off your phone in this time so the veterinarian can reach you easily when it comes time to come inside.
  • The veterinarian will take a medical history, discuss their findings and assessment and make their recommendations for the best treatment plan for your pet.
Shepherd Dog getting bandage after injury on his leg